Patchwork is a smart, secure web-app for better team collaboration around your clients. It saves time and effort connecting frontline workers with other practitioners across agencies.

It allows workers to quickly and easily connect to new clients, and to build the team working around that client.

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Helen, Autism Specialist

Continuity of care is really important to me and I want to be able to help other practitioners understand more about how to support people with Autism - Patchwork can help with this.

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Concerned about privacy?

Patchwork is a tool to share practitioner information, not to share client information.

We only use a client name, address or date of birth to make sure that we have identified the ‘right’ client. No other personal information about a client can be recorded.

Access to Patchwork is restricted to front-line practitioners of agencies that have signed up and been approved to participate in Patchwork (agencies refer other agencies; individuals require a corporate email address and a reference check with their supervisor).

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