Patchwork is a smart, secure web-app for better team collaboration around your clients.

It saves time and effort connecting frontline workers with other practitioners across agencies.

It allows workers to quickly and easily connect to new clients, and to build the team working around that client.

Think of Patchwork like a ‘super-charged phone directory’ that lets you share your contact details with the practitioners who are working with your client. It also helps you understand what other services are working with the client so you can provide coordinated care.

Patchwork records the client’s name, address and/or date of birth to ensure that the ‘right’ client can be uniquely identified in the system. Patchwork does not record case management information.

How does Patchwork help?

  • Understand the full picture – Sometimes just knowing who else is working with a client will help a practitioner to better understand their role in providing support. Understanding the full picture means connections aren’t missed, and information can be shared more effectively at the right time, in the right way.
  • Early intervention – When a practitioner knows who the whole team working with their client is it’s much easier to coordinate their efforts before a situation escalates and requires a more serious intervention.
  • Builds relationships – Traditional agency silos can be broken down quickly by practitioners just having easy access to each other’s contact information. Workers then start to see a ‘visible network’ around their clients. Risks to clients are reduced when workers understand who does what and where the gaps in service provision might be.

How can I join Patchwork?
Contact us here and we'll be in touch shortly.