Central Coast Burnside Sees Patchwork’s Value

Central Coast Burnside Sees Patchwork’s Value

The Central Coast team of UnitingCare Burnside (Burnside) joined Patchwork to supercharge their experience of frontline collaboration.

Patchwork has been making a difference in the Central Coast for two years, and this latest addition of Burnside to the Patchwork team will help improve the outcomes for the children and young people in the area.


Burnside is a leading child and family organisation, working to improve the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and families across the state.

The new Burnside Patchwork team join a range of human services that are already using Patchwork to improve decision making and client experience in the Central Coast.

Click here to read how Patchwork helped a FACS Triage Manager on the Central Coast handle her caseload and improve a client’s outcome.

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