Saves hours finding other support workers

“As an Assistant Principal, I work with a lot of children in out-of-home care who tend to move around a bit, which makes it hard to know who to speak to. I previously spent hours on the phone to the child protection helpline, but since attending Patchwork training, I now start by searching Patchwork to see if the child is registered in the system and then determine who is supporting the child.

If I was asked what would make it even better, I would say having more FACS caseworkers registered on Patchwork as it saves us all a lot of time to make contact with the appropriate caseworkers."

Vicki Arnot joined in June 2014 (Our 126th Patchwork Agent!) from Wyong Public School on the Central Coast.


The Right Information At The Right Time

“My 17-year-old client and her six-week-old baby wanted help getting her own accommodation. I started organising housing and then received an invitation to join Patchwork. It was great as I found another agency had already been working on this, so I was able to stop duplicating my efforts.

Later, another agency joined our Patchwork team and with the client’s consent disclosed she had experienced domestic violence from her Stepdad.

Later when the client stopped returning my calls and I found she had moved back into the same house as her Stepdad, I had the right information to know that I needed to contact Child Protection.”

– NGO Worker


Better Decision Making

“A young person was brought to my attention via the Helpline. A quick search of Patchwork found three other services working with this young person. As the Triage Manager, I contacted the other practitioners and confirmed that the young person did not need to be allocated, but to monitor the situation I joined the client’s team in Patchwork.

This proved very helpful when the young person started to have suicidal thoughts. The Youth Worker was able to quickly alert the rest of the team through Patchwork. I was then able to easily contact the right person and find out what had happened.

If we did not have Patchwork it may have changed my decision making. Patchwork was able to free up caseworker time, but also keep us informed.”

 FACS Triage Manager


Helping With The Continuity Of Care

“Continuity of care is really important to me and I want to be able to help other practitioners understand more about how to support people with Autism - Patchwork can help with this.”

– Helen, Autism Specialist


See The Whole Network

“I was able to gain an understanding of another service’s involvement with the client’s mental health diagnosis. As a result, I was able to change my style and get the client off to a really good start. Those early sessions with a client are so important.”

– Joanne, NGO Worker

"I am impressed with the concept of Patchwork and I think that it is almost like a 'professional Facebook' - giving frontline workers express information relevant to our clients."

 Alex, FACS Caseworker