Mana Allawah recommends Patchwork

Mana Allawah recommends Patchwork

Patchwork is now being used to find homelessness hotspots for Aboriginal people in the Northern Sydney District of the Department of Family & Community Services.

In a recent report, the Northern Sydney District’s Aboriginal strategy ‘Mana Allawah’, recommends using Patchwork to find hotspots of homelessness.

The report, completed by two Macquarie University students, identified Patchwork as a simple way to improve communication between different human service providers in the Northern Sydney District.

The report found that many service providers currently struggle to be aware of hotspots of homelessness as time pressures limit their ability to communicate across services and collaborate on gathering data about what is happening for their Aboriginal clients.

This situation has lead to poor knowledge of the areas homeless Aboriginal people occupy in the Northern Sydney District.

Mana Allawah shows how Patchwork’s simple features can be used innovatively to improve collaboration on the frontline.

Watch a video to learn more about Patchwork’s features.

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