Patchwork Is Saving Time In The Central Coast

Patchwork Is Saving Time In The Central Coast

Here’s a story from a FACS Triage Manager in the Central Coast, who used Patchwork in the case of a young person that came to her attention…


“A young person was brought to my attention via the helpline. A quick search of Patchwork found three other services working with this young person.

As the Triage Manager, I contacted the other practitioners and confirmed that the young person did not need to be allocated, but to monitor the situation I joined the client’s team on Patchwork.

This proved very helpful when the young person started to have suicidal thoughts. The Youth Worker was able to quickly alert the rest of the team on Patchwork. I was then able to easily contact the right person to find out what happened.

If we did not have Patchwork it may have changed my decision making. Patchwork was able to free up caseworker time, but also keep us informed.”

If you want to learn more about Patchwork, you can contact us here.

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