Patchwork visits Glebe Family Medical Practice

Patchwork visits Glebe Family Medical Practice

Patchwork improves decision making as it quickly reveals who is supporting a client. This enables practitioners to address a vulnerable person’s needs quickly and in the most appropriate way. In a crisis, this can significantly improve the response provided to a client.


The Patchwork Team recently made a visit to the Glebe Family Medical Practice to present Patchwork to the clinic’s doctors and staff. Patchwork supports doctors in their decision making by instantly providing them with a snapshot of other practitioners working with their client and their contact details. This helps them to make more informed decisions about what care their client requires.

Experience shows that clients benefit when human service agencies connect and collaborate. Patchwork helps agencies like medical practices to work together to build better wraparound services for their clients.

To ensure you can always access the Patchwork network, save Patchwork to your smartphone’s home screen. Find out how to save Patchwork to an iPhone’s home screen here.

With this shortcut, you will always have the team that supports your client at your finger tips, ready to help you when your client needs support.

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