Patchy Doll

Who is Patchy?

My Story

"My name is Patchy Jayne and a few months ago I had no idea that Patchwork even existed. Before Patchwork, it was incredibly difficult to tell who was working with me. There were so many service providers; it was just really hard keeping track of them. But then my counsellor talked to me about Patchwork. I told my caseworker about this and they added me as a client on Patchwork. Ever since, it’s been so much easier for everyone working with me to help me out. They talk to each other and I feel like they really care.

I chose to go on a road trip around New South Wales to raise awareness of how important it is for services to collaborate for the benefit of both services and clients. I also saw it as an opportunity to travel throughout New South Wales whilst meeting and connecting to new people and experience all the different services.

I look forward to meeting many new faces on my road trip!"