Patchy's Great NSW Road Trip

Patchy's Great NSW Road Trip

Patchy is a patchwork doll whose mission is to visit agencies in the community sector all around NSW and spread the word about the importance of collaboration between agencies. Patchy’s goal is to get more frontline workers using Patchwork on a regular basis to facilitate communication and collaboration and produce the best outcomes for mutual clients.


When Patchy arrives at a new agency, workers will interact with her like they would with a client. To keep us updated on Patchy’s whereabouts, they will also be sending us a picture of their team together with Patchy. They will then send Patchy onto the next agency, which will repeat the process. It is up to the agency to decide where Patchy will go next, so she could literally be in Bega the one day and then out at Bourke the next!

Patchy’s road trip is designed to show how important it is for agencies to collaborate with each other around a client. In this case, their task is to get Patchy safely from the one agency to the next. Patchy will also be actively encouraging frontline workers to get into the habit of using Patchwork on a more frequent basis.

We will be updating this page regularly with Patchy’s whereabouts so be sure to drop by every now and then to see where she goes next.

To register for Patchwork, simply enter your details under “Get started with Patchwork today” and click "request to join". We will be in touch with you shortly after to finalise your registration.

If you have already signed up, be sure to save Patchwork to your smartphone’s home screen to ensure you can always access the Patchwork network. Find out how to save Patchwork to an iPhone’s home screen here.

With this shortcut, you will always have the team that supports your client at your finger tips, ready to help you when your client needs support.

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