Patchy's Travel Diary - Hunter New England

Patchy's Travel Diary - Hunter New England

Patchy the patchwork doll recently bid farewell to her head office friends and set out on an epic adventure around NSW to visit community sector agencies and spread the word about the importance of collaboration. Although Patchy has been very busy, she did find the time to send us the following update on what she has been up to.


“I have now embarked on my much awaited New South Wales road trip. I have started my journey in the Hunter-New England region at the Charlestown Community Service Centre where I was met with a warm welcome and a nice hot cup of tea!

During my time at Charlestown CSC I attended a training session where I helped to answer any questions that attendees may have had regarding Patchwork and my road trip. I then went to shadow a staff member who took me along for a meeting with Hunter New England Health, where I learnt some new things. It has been a great start to my road trip and I cannot wait to see where I go next.”

Don’t forget to drop by the Patchwork website to see where Patchy goes next! 

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