Patchy's Travel Diary - Challenge Community Services

Patchy's Travel Diary - Challenge Community Services

Patchy has been so busy lately talking about the importance of collaboration and meeting with practitioners and young people in the Hunter/New England region over the past weeks that she forgot to send us a regular update! Fortunately Patchy has had some spare time in the past few days to email us about her adventures at Challenge Community Services in Newcastle.




 Morning tea!
   Visiting the Wickham office

"Hi everyone! Sorry that I haven't written for a while - I've been very busy attending meetings, visiting offices all around the region and meeting with young people.  So far I've visited the Tamworth, Taree, Wickham, and Maitland offices. I have had some really interesting experiences during my visit at Challenge and have learned a lot about working with children and young people and how agencies collaborate with each other. I've also had many opportunities to talk about how Patchwork can help make it easier for Challenge's, and NGO frontline workers in general, to better collaborate and improve outcomes for their clients. Everyone that I've talked to has been very interested in what Patchwork is, how easy it is to use, and how it can help them.

My next stop will be Wesley Dalmar in Maitland. I'm really looking forward to it!"

Don’t forget to drop by the Patchwork website to read the next instalment of Patchy's Great NSW Road Trip!

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