Real Collaboration in Action

Real Collaboration in Action

More and more frontline workers are discovering just how easy Patchwork makes it to find and get in touch with other practitioners working with the same client. The following is an actual collaboration scenario involving child protection and health professionals who have been connected to each other thanks to Patchwork and are now coordinating care around a common client.

*For reasons of confidentiality, the real names of the client and other individuals mentioned within the email text have been redacted and replaced with pseudonyms.

From: Eleanor Johnson
To: Alison Lockyer; Philip Tam
Subject: Billy

Hi all,

I have created a Patchwork team for Billy. I am the allocated caseworker currently preparing to meet Billy’s Mum and work out a way we can work together.

Kind regards,


Elle Johnson
Child Protection Caseworker | Department of Family and Community Services


From: Alison Lockyer
To: Eleanor Johnson; Philip Tam
Subject: RE: Billy

That’s great Elle – our team just had an information session on Patchwork last week, and it looks like a great tool for sharing information and working together.

Billy has had 2 visits with his mentors since they were matched, and they are very committed to him and working around any challenges that arise. It would be great to be able to give them some ideas on handling his behaviour, consistent with strategies already in place, in preparation for the day when he might be ‘triggered’ whilst in their care. I’ve had some chats with Bob and Tina about this, but would welcome any updates.



Alison Lockyer
Case Manager | Wesley Aunties and Uncles


From: Philip Tam
To: Alison Lockyer; Eleanor Johnson
Subject: Billy - thanks

Thanks, colleagues.

Yes, happy to work with the others in his care team & I will continue to monitor his medication.

If there is to be another multi-team case conference on Billy in the next few months do let me know.

Philip Tam
Child Psychiatrist | Croydon Health

More and more agencies have joined and are collaborating on Patchwork. If you’re not already on Patchwork, you can sign up by entering your details under “Get started with Patchwork today” and clicking “Request to join”.

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