Share the Network: Invite new agents to Patchwork today

Share the Network: Invite new agents to Patchwork today

We all like to share the things that make our lives better. We share meaningful stories, useful information, and handy tools.

A simple web app, Patchwork helps frontline workers connect and collaborate to improve the lives of vulnerable people in NSW. Patchwork helps frontline workers see the network of services that supports their clients.

As we expand across NSW frontline workers are continuing to tell us how Patchwork has helped them connect with each other to deliver better services to their clients.

Recently, one frontline worker found Patchwork valuable when supporting a person in extreme distress and their accompanying child. After being directly contacted by the distressed person, the frontline worker used Patchwork to locate the other services currently case managing the person to provide coordinated support within 2 hours.

If you have found Patchwork useful consider sharing it with your colleagues on the frontline. You can tell them about Patchwork, forward our emails to them or invite them directly from the Patchwork site. Find out how to invite a new agent from the Patchwork site here.

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