Shining a light on good practice in NSW: Stories of collaboration

Shining a light on good practice in NSW: Stories of collaboration

This year’s Shining a light on good practice in NSW opens our eyes to the strong culture of collaboration in NSW’s child protection and out-of-home-care systems.

The publication celebrates the frontline workers who partner together, with families, and with children and families to achieve positive outcomes for some of the state’s most vulnerable children.


We found the story of Harry, his caseworker Belinda and his teacher Mrs Chaulk inspirational. At every step of the journey, Belinda and Mrs Chaulk worked together to help Harry transition to the out-of-home-care system.

Two years later, Harry enjoys living with his carer, his behavior has improved, he is learning at school and he has even received a school award. By working together, Belinda and Mrs Chaulk produced great outcomes for Harry.


Like Harry, Belinda and Mrs Chaulk, a cross-agency team supported teenage mum Rachael to regain custody of her baby Tre after he was taken into care.

Rachael, who had been in care herself reflects “I think I got Tre back because we all had the same goal – it’s so much easier than working against each other.” Rachael’s story shows that strong frontline collaboration can overcome obstacles to restore families.

These stories are being read by those in the ChildStory team, those working with you on Patchwork and to our vendors who we are working with to design the new tech solutions to support your casework.  Understanding what good practice looks like and how we can work to encourage collaboration will help us design good solutions for workers and families.

To read more stories of collaboration in the child protection and out-of-home-care systems, check out the full Shining a light on good practice in NSW 2015 publication.

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