The Benevolent Society is now on Patchwork

The Benevolent Society is now on Patchwork

The team at the Benevolent Society in Rosebery is now on Patchwork.

The Benevolent Society is a not-for-profit and non-religious organisation which has been helping people, families and communities achieve positive change since 1813 when it began as Australia’s first charity.


The Benevolent Society’s mission is to help families raise happy, healthy and safe children because it knows that parenting is a challenging and complex responsibility.

The organisation provides parenting programs, playgroups, counselling, child care, parenting groups, home visits and prenatal and postnatal health services, as well as working with families who just need a little support. It also provides intensive support to families where children have experienced abuse and neglect.

The Benevolent Society offers specialised support to families with a child or young person affected by mental illness and support young people who care for a family member with a disability or mental illness.

More and more agencies have joined and are collaborating on Patchwork. If you’re not already on Patchwork, you can sign up by entering your details under “Get started with Patchwork today” and clicking "Request to join".

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