Wesley Aunties & Uncles are now on Patchwork

Wesley Aunties & Uncles are now on Patchwork

Wesley Mission’s Aunties & Uncles are now collaborating on Patchwork.

Wesley Aunties & Uncles is an early intervention mentoring program based on the model of an extended family, where ‘aunts and uncles’ provide children up to 12 years old with mentoring, care and guidance in a stable family environment.


The Aunties & Uncles program was founded in New South Wales in 1974 by visionary leader Rose White, who launched the innovative mentoring program out of a passion for a better life for disadvantaged children.

After years of serving thousands of vulnerable children through positive relationships with volunteer mentors, Wesley Mission assumed control over the program’s operations in 2010 due to financial pressures that placed the program at risk of closure.

Wesley’s Aunties & Uncles are looking forward to collaborating on Patchwork and see it as a valuable tool for identifying what services are working with a common client.

“Sometimes services don’t know that we are involved. Patchwork will help us link with other services”.
Michelle Parrish, Program Manager.

More and more agencies have joined and are collaborating on Patchwork. If you’re not already on Patchwork, you can sign up by entering your details under “Get started with Patchwork today” and clicking “Request to join”.

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