Who is Patchy?

Who is Patchy?

My Story

"My name is Patchy Jayne and a few months ago I had no idea that Patchwork even existed. Before Patchwork, it was incredibly difficult to tell who was working with me. There were so many service providers; it was just really hard keeping track of them. But then my counsellor talked to me about Patchwork. I told my caseworker about this and they added me as a client on Patchwork. Ever since, it’s been so much easier for everyone working with me to help me out. They talk to each other and I feel like they really care.

I chose to go on a road trip around New South Wales to raise awareness of how important it is for services to collaborate for the benefit of both services and clients. I also saw it as an opportunity to travel throughout New South Wales whilst meeting and connecting to new people and experience all the different services.

I look forward to meeting many new faces on my road trip!"

Patchy’s Origins – The creation of Patchy and her Road Trip

You may be wondering who the mastermind behind Patchy is. Well my name is Anthony Ives and I am a former foster child who has a great opportunity working in the ChildStory team at Family and Community Services, as the subject matter expert advising the program directors and their teams on matters concerning children and young people in Out of Home Care.

I have taken great pride in making the Patchy project to the best of my ability. I hope I have brought an authentic voice from someone who has lived in Out of Home Care.


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