Why Collaboration is Important for Children and Young People

Why Collaboration is Important for Children and Young People

In May of this year the Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People released a report containing the results of consultations which form part of the NSW Strategic Plan for Children and Young People. In this report there was a particular piece of feedback which shows just how important it is for frontline workers to collaborate.

Many of the children and young people who participated in consultations said that ‘having to re-tell their story’ each time they approached a new service or refuge was a very difficult task, a task that they thought unnecessary because they believed that their records should be shared among services.

Children and young people who have experienced a traumatic event or series of events should not have to go through the pain of having to re-tell their story each time they approach a new service or refuge. Active collaboration by agencies helps the exchange of information between practitioners, ensuring that children and young people don’t have to re-live their painful experiences.

Patchwork helps service agencies to connect and collaborate securely with each other and share client information where appropriate, so children and young people don’t need to re-tell their story every time.

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